The Wachowski’s ‘Sense8’ Trailer? Yes, Please.

The next Netflix binge obsession is coming June 5.

Sense8 has been incredibly sparse with the details, but the Wachowski siblings have put together a (seemingly) epic sci-fi thriller about a group of 8 people from around the world that are all connected. And on the surface, it appears highly similar to Cloud Atlas and the FOX series Touch that starred KieferĀ Sutherland. In each instance, there is an intricate webbing of people who are connected for a higher purpose.

But judging from the just released trailer, Sense8 amps up the adrenaline with high-octane fight sequences and breathtaking visuals. The diverse cast (which includes Naveen Andrews, Bo Derek, Aml Ameen and Freema Agyeman) looks strong, and Netflix clearly has a knack for backing captivating series. This has the makings of another groundbreaking property.

Watch the trailer below:

Photo credit: Youtube

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Daren W. Jackson

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