Blerdom Today: Rachel Dolezal, Chiwetel Ejiofor, The Last Dragon, and More

rachel-dolezalThere is a lot going on in the blerd-o-sphere right now. So much so, it is nearly impossible to keep up with it all. To make life easier for you, we’ve started a new series of posts to recap today’s news in Blerdom. Here’s your Friday recap.

In Race Relations:

Rachel Dolezal’s Demented Delusions

News broke that Rachel Dolezal, a NAACP president in Spokane, Washington, African Studies professor, and Howard graduate has been presenting herself as Black for years, though she is actually White. She went to great lengths to maintain the charade, claiming Black children and a Black father on social media, learning how to style Black hair, and wearing darker makeup. In all honesty, this story is far too demented to even summarize in a way that makes any sense, especially as new information comes to light literally every 2 seconds.

However, as expected, Black Twitter had and is continuing to have a field day with the story. Just head to the Twitter hashtag  to stay current.

Video of the moment she was outed is below:

Martese Johnson Charges Dropped

A Charlottesville General District Court dismissed the charges that were filed against Martese Johnson, the university of Virginia student that was arrested in March of this year. An honor student and member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, the case caused widespread outrage as images of his bloodied face made rounds across the internet.

Judge Supports Murder Charges in Tamir Rice Case

Yesterday, Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Ronald Adrine stated that probable cause was found in the slaying of 12-year-old Tamir Rice. If you recall, Rice was playing with a pellet gun in a park when police arrived and fired shots at him within 2 seconds. In the wake of actions by police that have gone without state action, this development is encouraging.


Comics News…

Chiwetel EjioforChewitel Ejiofor Confirmed as Baron Mordo in Doctor Strange

All Marvel news is good news. Today, confirmed that will star as Baron Mordo across Benedict Cumberbach in the forthcoming Doctor Strange. But with this announcement comes a much more interesting development. Apparently, this Baron Mordo, known and Strange’s arch-nemesis, will not be all bad. He will be a mash-up of different characters from the Strange comics, and not be a straight up and down villain. Not sure how that will translate story-wise, but Ejiofor definitely has the chops for it.

Fantastic Four HeaderNew “Extraordinary” Fantastic Four Trailer

A new Fantastic Four trailer premiered yesterday during the NBA Finals, branding the team as “extraordinary subjects.” It was nice to see a bit more of the special effects (Kate Mara gives a much more believable Invisible Woman than Jessica Alba did), but honestly, this did nothing to boost hopes that this movie might actually be good.

Movie is in theaters August 7th.

x-men-snap-chat-139669X-Men Days of Future Past “Rogue Cut” Trailer Coming to Snapchat

The X-Men: Days of Future Past “Rogue Cut” will be released on July 14th. And an official trailer for the cut of the film will be released on June 15, but only to Snapchat users who follow the X-Men Snapchat. I’m sure it will only take a matter of minutes after its release for someone to rip it and post on YouTube, but if you want to be one of the first to see, take a picture of the image to the right from your Snapchat app to be come a follower.

The “Rogue Cut” of the film features an additional 17 minutes of footage, depicting an effort to rescue Rogue from a Sentinel controlled prison. This portion of the film was cut for timing and to streamline the story, but original plans were for this to be a major piece of the plot.


In Entertainment…

The Last Dragon is Coming to Blu-Ray

pop-lock-ropesI’m in the “why the hell do people love this movie” camp and my wife is in the “this is classic movie brilliance” camp, but no matter which side you take, you have to appreciate The Last Dragon for the enduring effect it has had on pop culture. And now the Berry Gordy produced film will be available on blu-ray. I’m not sure what the value of owning a blu-ray version of this film will bring (will “the glow” be that much brighter and crisp?), but if you are trying to find out the secret to pop-locking out of ropes when you are tied up, this one might be for you.

The blu-ray copies will be made available on August 25th.

Rev_Run_TyreseRev. Run and Tyrese Talk Show Coming to OWN

Rev Run and Tyrese, long-time friends and co-authors of the book Manology are launching a weekly talk show to debut on OWN in 2016. According to Deadline:

An ordained minister and father of six, Rev Run (aka Joseph Ward Simmons) and Tyrese,  a single father, will be joined by a primetime studio audience and celebrity guests. Via social media, viewers can ask the pair questions about men, relationships, marriage and sex.

heroes-reborn-139565Heroes Reborn Comics On The Way

Just as with the prior series Heroes, a comic book series will accompany the show. In this case, the books from Titan Comics will tell the origin story of one of the show’s featured characters before the show debuts.

Press Release:

Titan Comics announced today that the company has been granted rights to publish comics based on NBC’s upcoming event series Heroes Reborn premiering this fall.

The licensing agreement awarded by Universal Partnerships & Licensing begins with a five-story arc featuring the origins of one of the series’ new main characters. The comic series will be written by Heroes Reborn Supervising Producer Seamus Fahey and Zach Craley and illustrated by Rubine.

“Our new Heroes series is being created in close collaboration with the team behind the NBC show.” said Chris Teather, Publishing Director, Titan Comics. “These aren’t just comics; they’re bonus episodes!”

Heroes comic issue #1 will hit comic stores in October 2015.


Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

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