This One Marvel Infographic Will Change Your Life [INFOGRAPHIC]

MARVEL logoMarvel has been making movies for a long time. Ever have a hard time keeping them all straight? The good people at put together an infographic chronicling the entire thirty year history of Marvel films.

For Marvel, the path to cinematic glory has not been a smooth one. The infographic highlights that the first four Marvel films were failures, despite Howard The Duck still being a cult classic.

Also interesting to note is the progression in film quality and the number of films released per year. We can see that once the movies get better, they are produced more often.

Comic aficionados will look at this grid and wonder what could have been if Marvel hadn’t sold rights to a number of their properties. There are so many lackluster films that might have been better produced solely through Marvel Studios (let’s just consider Elektra a necessary lesson learned in comic movie making).

But there is no use in crying over the past; we’ve got a cohesive MCU now alongside cohesive-ish universes for The Fantastic Four and the X-Men. And this infographic as an easy reference for it all.

Click the image below to see the fill-sized version.


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Daren W. Jackson

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