An Open Letter to LeBron “The Kang” James in Response to ‘Trainwreck’

LeBron_James-Amy_Schumer-TrainwreckDear LeBron James,

You are the cream-of-the-crop. The NBA’s elite. And yet you assist in Black extermination.

“Trainwreck” is just one more reason to loathe you. Much like Vogue’s April, 2008 issue, you’ve been had. Bamboozled. Led astray.

Schumer served us up a cold dish of Hollywood’s finest Zyklon-B and we are all breathing that shit in like vapes. They’ve shaved our heads infested with theater seat-back lice, extracted our teeth all crusted over sugary sweet with Jujubes and jumbo-small Slurpees, lined us up in red carpeted rows, issued tattoos stamped on tickets– Identification number: Auditorium 2–, and marched us down dark aisles towards plush seats that provide just the right amount of comfort to breathe in Schumer’s racist poison.

For goodness sake, please fire your agent. He has made you such an easy target for racist fodder. Stay off the Vogue train. Get off the blaxploitation freight. Salvage some dignity and chalk Trainwreck up to bad advisement. You know what..? From this moment on, think of trains as altogether just… Plain. Bad. News. Much like “train wrecks” and fashion mags’ “gravy train”, you’d do well to just avoid trains entirely. Consider Margot Kleinberger’s death train memory of her railway deportation from Hanover during the Nazi occupation:

“After we were persecuted everywhere on the streets for being Jews, we thought that the trains would take us to a better place. But almost no one survived the camps where they took us.”

A Conscientious Objector

This post was reposted with permission from Facebook.

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