Tamar Braxton’s Stunning New Single ‘Catfish’ Warns “Don’t Flex”

4dd225c983caf4d6a05a158149d5527d70a86f55Tamar Braxton proved on her first single “If I Don’t Have You” that her vocal prowess has only grown since her album Love And War. On her second single “Catfish”, she shows her R&B roots are still intact. Yeah, we love her.

Braxton’s second single off of her forthcoming album Calling All Lovers takes inspiration from some 90’s SWV drums, laying a simple guitar melody on top for an infectious mid-tempo groove. Unlike most of her material, Braxton doesn’t exercise the limits of her wide-ranging voice; instead, she delivers a laid-back performance that makes the lyrics that much more dismissive of her ex.

This is comfortable Tamar territory with its sharp, pointed, and relevant lyrics. In the song, her ex is trying to portray a life that is less than accurate, and she threatens to expose the truth. She taunts him singing “Baby I know the real you” and “Don’t front for the Gram” because she know the real. And the hypnotic refrain “Don’t flex” is bound to have fans across the nation quoting her lyrics.

Still, the line that brings it all home comes toward the end and is sung quietly in playful tones.

You ain’t got a credit card or a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out


Her new album Calling All Lovers drops on October 2. Stream the song and check the tracklist below:

tamar-braxton-calling-all-lovers-cover-413x4131. Angels & Demons
2. Catfish
3. Simple Things
4. Broken Record
5. Never
6. Circles
7. If I Don’t Have You
8. Raise the Bar
9. I Love You
10. Makin’ Love
11. Love It
12. Must Be Good to You
13. Free Fallin’
14. King
15. S.O.N.
16. Coming Home


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