Watch Issa Rae’s Funny New Webseries with Amanda Seales Called “Get Your Life”

Get-Your-Life-Amanda-SealesIssa Rae has a new series coming on her YouTube channel starring the “known but not famous” Amanda Seales, and it looks to be another stroke of genius.

Get Your Life is a scripted show about Amanda Seales unscripted life. In the series, Seales is struggling living the “New York life.” Meanwhile one of her friends (who lives in sunny Los Angeles) espouses the many things that make living in the City of Angels great like free-range peacocks in your front yard.

In eleven and a half minutes, there are a number of hilarious moments. There’s a scene on the “Toprah Shanks” talk show – a play on the Oprah Winfrey Show – featuring an interview with Pharrueche Phran – a fake Karrueche Tran.  There’s a ridiculous sequence of events Seales befalls just in the process of travelling into the city. Then, there’s her agent offering her a role in “Negro-apocalypse” in which she would play a slave sent from the past, into the future and then into present day Detroit to combat former gangbanger zombies. It’s only funny because there are so many struggling black actors that do have to face this nonsense on a daily basis.

But Seales knows that something about this is just not right. Her station in life is beneath her. As she herself states, “I have been on TV since I was 12. I was just recognized by a guy pissing in the street … I’m not like ‘famous’ but I’m known.” But it is only after dodging a near-violent situation while performing at a comedy club that she realizes her life in New York is just like Pharrueche Phran’s relationship. And it is time to “Get her life.”

The show is utterly ridiculous from start to finish, and Seales stands out as the quirky yet rational center of it all. And looking forward into the rest of the season, it looks to only get better.

Stream the first episode below and a trailer for the entire series follows.


Photo Credit:  Tumblr and Twitter

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