‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Trailer: A Relic from a Simpler Time

independence-day-resurgence-143-pm-1-162678While I can applaud their efforts to not reveal the entire plot of the movie within the trailer, Independence Day: Resurgence also looks like a completely predictable film with most of the intrigue being used up on the first film.

I have and always will love Independence Day. It was a film from a simpler time, when Will Smith hadn’t gone too Hollywood yet and almost any film could be a summer blockbuster with enough star power and explosions. So, when the sequel Independence Day: Resurgence was finally announced, the longtime fan inside of me was elated.

I should have known there was little chance they could deliver on the legacy that Independence Day left in its wake.

Watching the new trailer is just like watching any trailer for a big budget film. There is ominous music. Explosions. Dog fighting. Worried faces. Seemingly, none of the magic that made Independence Day special. Then again, maybe it is the same magic and it is me that has changed.

When the first film came out, movies like this weren’t commonplace. Now we see this same stuff every couple of weeks in theaters and every week on TV. The entertainment industry stole the Independence Day mojo.

The trailer’s only saving grace is the playing of the infamous Presidential speech audio from the first film over the majority of new footage. That speech could still move anybody to achieve anything, but it doesn’t have the power to make this film look interesting.

And the absence of Will Smith steals the star power that a film like this sorely needed. Let’s just be honest: Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, and Vivica Fox aren’t the stars they were in 1996. And after everything that went down in the first film, who really cares about the trajectory their lives took afterward? Smith’s Cpt. Steve Hiller was the crux of it all, and now he’s dead. And adding Liam Hemsworth (the less famous, non-Thor Hemsworth) as a character that appears to be the sub-in fighter pilot is nowhere near enough to replace what has been lost.

Even though this is all speculation on a full feature film based on a 2 minute trailer, Independence Day: Resurgence just doesn’t seem prepared to play in a world where Marvel has laid claim to multiplex dominance.

Independence Day: Resurgence impacts theaters June 24, 2016.

Check out the trailer below:

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Daren W. Jackson

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