Don’t Be Embarrassed About Loving the Hamburger Helper Mixtape

hamburger-helper-album-cover-hed-2016If you didn’t know, Hamburger Helper chose April 1st (April Fools’ Day) to drop their 5 track mixtape Watch the Stove, and this lit collection of trap songs goes hard. But more importantly, the mixtape is a perfect example of corporations understanding and appealing to different cultures appropriately. So don’t be afraid to blast it in your car with all the windows down.

Corporations are doing their best to stay current. And I would kill to be a fly on the wall of the meetings that approve these measures. What sequence of events and executives pushed for IHOP’s new Twitter presence? Who commissioned those rapping Honey Nut Cheerios commercials? Yes, these efforts can be hit or miss and I question how many black people were actually involved in these initiatives, but they also display corporate America’s efforts to understand the facets of black culture and take it seriously.

In that vein, Hamburger Helper’s Watch the Stove is the pinnacle of recent efforts. Not only is this trap mixtape impeccably produced and performed, but in its own way, it is a serious artistic expression. This is not a joke or a half baked project thrown together for weak publicity. There was thought. There was effort. And it’s appreciated.

Furthermore, they take it to the extreme on the track “Hamburger Helper” where they rap about all of the different ways they personalize their Hamburger Helper creations. Mix in onion. Bake in in the oven. The possibilities are endless.

Now, I personally don’t see how this would make you any more likely to consider actually buying Hamburger Helper. They didn’t couple this mixtape’s release with any updates to their products. But I can now feel completely comfortable playing these trap records in my minivan without having to even think about profanity.

Listen. Greatness like this must be experienced and appreciated. So listen and/or download below.

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Daren W. Jackson

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