Top 10 Memes Dragging Ayesha Curry’s New Cooking Show

Ayesha_Curry_InstagramIf you haven’t heard, Ayesha Curry is getting a cooking show on the Food Network. And Black Twitter pounced on her like Simba from The Lion King.

I don’t personally know Ayesha Curry, but she seems like a perfectly nice person. She is a devoted wife. She is a doting mother. She runs a pretty Instagram page. All good things. And you’d think that she’d be happy just living that life, celebrating her husband’s success and building a brand of her own. But when she started sharing her personal judgments of other Black women on Twitter, she made herself a lifelong target for her critics.

Upon the announcement of her upcoming cooking show for the Food Network, Twitter users took to their keyboards and smartphones to predict the commentary and fare that we could expect to see on her show. And the results were hilarious.

Twitter user @audacityofDOPE_ fired off a litany of scathing tweets:




And following her lead, others got in on the roasting.  


Sometimes I feel bad for Mrs. Curry for all of the shade that gets thrown her way. It can’t be fun knowing that people are always waiting in the wings to sully each and every one of your successes. But then I remember how large her platform is, who her husband is, and what her bank accounts must look like. Then I go laugh at the memes again.


Photo credit: Ayesha Curry Instagram

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Daren W. Jackson

Daren is one half of the Water Cooler Convos team. He's a writer, music connoisseur, and comic book geek who spends his free time working on his novel and other short stories.

3 Responses

  1. slayculture says:

    LOL!!!!!! Omg she’s forever be roasted! This was funny.

  2. Absolutely. The Internet is not letting her live this one down!

  3. Melissa Harbin says:

    Regardless of the size of her bank account she’s still a human with feelings. Thinking otherwise is a exercise in dehumanization.