‘Dear White People’ TV Series Coming to Netflix in 2017

justin-simienFor those of us that have been wishing for that A Different World revival to come to fruition, our prayers might have just been answered (sorta). Netflix announced today that Justin Simien (writer, director, and producer of Dear White People) will be shepherding a TV adaptation of the film, set to be released in 2017.

Details are limited with this announcement, but we do know that Simien will write the series and direct its first episode. The show will take the form of a half-hour comedy and will begin shooting its 10-episode order later this year.

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Mark this as another win for diversity in entertainment. TV Networks have been slowing building up their stable of “diverse” projects over the years, pushed by America’s changing demographics, creative efforts by cable stations, and the explosion of new entertainment options from streaming services like Netflix. And series like American Crime and the forthcoming Shots Fired look to corporations’ attempts to make relevant and timely content. But I can’t think of anything even close to touching what a Dear White People series will be capable of.

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College campuses continue to be a contentious place for minority students. While college-aged persons are commonly on te front line pushing for change, they also must stare down the barrels of resistance from police and officials, the ever-present threat of hate crimes, and a society at large that dismisses their voices as the whines of young people. Dear White People tackled these issues in a spectacular, honest fashion, and I imagine that the series adaptation will expand upon that platform.


Photo credit: Variety.com

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