LISTEN: 12 Songs To Get Your Summer Listening Right

anderson-paakSummer is here. And other than sun and fun, this season is synonymous with music. And we’ve got the perfect playlist to follow you through these summer months.

Whether you’re chilling at the beach with friends, cruising down the street with your windows rolled down, and laid up on the couch with your feet up and the A/C on full blast, our 2016 Summer Playlist is the perfect companion. Featuring the best new music and the music world’s most impressive new artists, this 12 track set is necessary for your rotation.

Kelly Rowland’s new girl group June’s Diary from the reality series Chasing Destiny leads things off with “All of Us”, a certified for summer song with heavy bass and smooth vocals. Like the song says, if you break any of their hearts, they’re coming with their best friends, mommies, and cousins.

Ro James, another of the breakout voices in music, brings his rock and roll/R&B grittiness on “Holy Water” where he relates love to Holy Water baptizing and saving his soul. His raspy soulful voice is a revelation, and the anthemic track behind him only amplifies the song’s powerful message.

If you ask me, BJ The Chicago Kid has the R&B world in a choke hold. He’s concurrently reminiscent of the old school and uniquely his own on his debut album In My Mind, and on “Wait Til The Morning”, he takes what appears to be just another R&B song with a man pleading to his significant other to another place. Underneath, the soulful electric guitar-laced track is packed with thoughtfully penned lyrics and his delivery manages to be both anthemic and intimate.

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If there is one artist out now that you need to have on your radar, it’s Anderson .Paak. His sound is 100% original, and the funk he lays down on “Come Down” is unquantifiable. Even T.I.’s feature has some hidden gems, like his line “I fantasized shooting Trump down. A shot for every black man who got gunned down.”

It takes an astounding amount of confidence to cover “Nothing Even Matters”, arguably the best song on Lauryn Hill’s legendary Miseducation album. But up and coming crooner Kevin Ross pulled it off, with an assist from the sweet voiced Kirby Lauren. They perform the song acapella, using their voices, snaps, and claps to build the track, and even manage to work in their own inflections so that it’s not just another cover attempt. This is enjoyable in its own right.

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No summer is complete without some type of function with family and friends. And recent drops from Maxwell and Kindred The Family Soul will definitely go ver well in those settings. Every wait for new Maxwell music feels like an eternity. And when he dropped “Lake By The Ocean”, it was like that itch was finally scratched. I swear, his falsetto is one of our country’s national treasures. And on “All My People”, Kindred stays true to their devotion to positive messages in their music, singing a message about community, empowerment, and shared success. It’s that feel good song every summer needs for cookouts and family reunions.

Stream the entire 12 track set above!


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