WATCH: Trailer for Laverne Cox’s New Series ‘Doubt’

Laverne_Cox_Doubt_CBSCBS has released the first trailer for Doubt, a new drama coming in the Fall, and while Katharine Hiegl may be listed as its star, Laverne Cox’s barrier-breaking role is all we really care about.

Doubt, premiering this Fall on CBS, sets itself up to be the new fiery legal drama on network television. Led by Katharine Hiegl, the show follows her rebel attorney character, Sadie Ellis, as she defends a man that she is simultaneously falling in love with. From that setup alone, it doesn’t come as a shock that some of the producers behind Grey’s Anatomy are also behind this show.

But what really makes this show interesting is the inclusion of Laverne Cox as Cameron Wirth, a transgender Ivy League-educated attorney. For Cox, she’ll be the first openly transgender actress to have a series regular role on a network TV show when Doubt premieres this Fall, and judging from the trailer below, she’ll bring a level of meaning and depth to a show that might otherwise drown in soapy drama.

Check out the trailer below!

From CBS:

DOUBT stars Katherine Heigl as Sadie Ellis, a brilliant attorney at a boutique firm who starts to fall for her charismatic client, Billy Brennan, an altruistic pediatric surgeon recently accused of murdering his girlfriend 24 years ago. Sadie is hiding her growing feelings from everyone, including her close friend and colleague, Albert Cobb, who thinks he knows everything about her. Working on other cases at the practice is Cameron Wirth, a transgender Ivy League graduate who fights passionately for her clients since she’s experienced injustice first hand; Tiffany Simon, a second-year associate who is quickly learning the ropes from Wirth; and Nick, a former felon who earned his degree while serving time. They all consider it a privilege to work for Isaiah Roth, a revered legal lion and “lefty” legend, whose approval is their holy grail. Sadie’s decision to become involved with her client could put her career, as well as her happiness, at risk if Billy is found guilty, which means she needs to work all the harder to prove reasonable doubt, even if she has some herself.

Photo credit: CBS

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  1. Shawna says:

    Dang! Now, this looks good. It’s no secret I’m a huge Grey’s fan, but everyone may not remember that I’m a huge Katherine Heigl fan also. Knocked up wasn’t her greatest work, but she’s my girl! Having a brain freeze on the chick flick of hers I loved. I’ll definitely be watching!