Denzel Washington and Viola Davis Are A Blackness Supernova In ‘Fences’ Trailer

denzel_washington_fencesThe trailer for Fences, a film adaptation of the storied broadway show starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, is every bit of good you’d expect it to be and more.

Fences is the story of African-American father Troy, played by Denzel Washington, who struggles with race relations in the United States while trying to raise his family in the 1950’s and coming to terms with the events of his life. Viola Davis plays his wife Rose, and Jovan Adepo plays his son Cory. Through the entirety of the trailer, these three characters are granted the most screen time, but almost none of the actual storyline is explained or even hinted at. And still, this trailer promises Fences will be one of the best films of the year.

The trailer centers mostly on a legendary monologue that Washington slayed umpteen times while performing in the broadway production. His son confronts him, asking why he doesn’t like him. Washington dives right in, portraying the blackest blackity black father you could ever conceive of. His words strike straight at the heart, epitomizing the feelings of responsibility and tough love that have historically been tied to the black family. It’s tough to hear and watch, but there is an emotional truth that rings true.

And when all of it becomes too much to bear, Viola Davis’s character joins in. And in all of her wet eyed, snotty nosed, and spit-talking glory, she personifies the struggle many black women have faced, standing firm behind their husbands as they’ve faced the evils of the world. And it is glorious.

Fences will be released on December 16, 2016. Check out the full trailer below.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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  1. Shawna says:

    Wow! Best I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait for full length feature film!

  2. The time has come for a production of The Wind Done Gone by Alice Randall