Mariah Carey’s Hot Mess of a NYE Performance Is The One Thing We Don’t Want to Leave in 2016

mariah-carey-2016-vh1-s-divas-holiday-unsilent-night-in-new-york-1_thumbnailWe all know that Mariah Carey’s voice is not what it once was. But her performance at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve was worse than we even expected.

We already told Mariah to stop. We told her to step away from the mic and step into the light back in 2014. But her newest disaster seemed to take that advice literally.

After lipsynching to a recording of her singing “Auld Lang Syne”, Mariah was set to launch into a medley of her hits. But from the second “Emotions” started, she knew the incorrect backing track was playing (i.e. there was no lead vocal for her to pretend was actually coming out of her mouth). So instead of singing the song, she proceeded to talk over the track, making excuses about not being able to hear (those dancers stayed on beat though…) and even prompting the crowd to sing for her.

You think it will all get fixed at some point, but it doesn’t. This goes on for over 2 whole minutes and actually managed to get worse.

Once the backing track returned on “We Belong Together”, Carey just gives up and performs mic ventiloquism, lipsynching the first half of a line and putting the mic down for the rest. It’s a stunning turn of events, even for a long time lipsyncher like Mariah.

As bad as 2016 was, this is the type of amazingness I refuse to leave in last year.

Watch the video below!

Photo by Dodovale (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Daren W. Jackson

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