Netflix Is Dropping 3 Must-See Black Shows This Month


Michaela Coel: Creator, writer, and star of “Chewing Gum” on Netflix

April 2017 is bout to be lit. This month, Netflix is bringing a total of 3 outstanding Black series to its roster, proving once again how key the streaming service is to expanding entertainment options, specifically for viewers of color.

Chewing Gum

First up is the second season of the UK breakout hit Chewing Gum, starring Michaela Coel as Tracey. After its critically acclaimed and award-winning first season, the series returns to Netflix on April 4th with 6 more hilarious episodes. And if you somehow managed to miss season 1, head to Netflix now to get caught up.

Chewing Gum follows the life of Tracey, her friends, and family, and it’s punctuated by awkward sex, Christianity, and sharp British humor. It’s that unique. But it’s also literally one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. And this next set is bound to keep the laughs going.


The Get Down

Dropping on April 7, Part 2 of The Get Down continues the awe-inspiring story they started last year. Set in a time where disco is king and hip hop is slowly forming as a genre, Ezekiel (played by Justice Smith) is being torn in seemingly every direction: friends who rely on him as the wordsmith of their rap crew, his childhood friend and love interest Mylene (played by Herizen Guardiola) who is forging a career as a disco diva, and his parents who are trying to steer him towards a corporate career.

The story is structured as a flashback for a popular rapper, so we already know how things end to some degree. Still, the story is immensely entertaining. The music, visuals, and culture feel both 100% authentic and a bit over the top all at the same time, and the added Kung Fu elements bring extra punch to the period piece.


Dear White People

The third and most buzzworthy series hitting Netflix this month is Dear White People. This series is the short form adaptation of the popular film. We’ve already covered the deluge of white tears caused by the 30 trailer, so you know the actual series is going to be gold. Just like the film, the series follows Sam, voice of the controversial Ivy League college radio program “Dear White People”. The show will explore racial dynamics from multiple angles, no doubt with the same disregard for White people’s faculties. Be there on April 28 to binge-watch all 10 episodes.

The Black experience is woefully underrepresented in entertainment, but these series show Netflix’s investment in telling those stories. And judging by the brilliance of these shows, we know they will be told in the best ways possible.


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