Water Cooler Convos is a platform for social critique and commentary.

Created in 2012 by Daren W. and Jenn M. Jackson, this is an online platform and community for Black millennials navigating the complexities of school, work, and other predominantly white spaces. We created this site to facilitate a safe space to discuss culture, race and relationships for Black millennials. We talk about movies and music, social issues and racial justice, hip-pop culture, parenting, love and relationships, and more.

We are Black with a capital “B.” Our audience is also Black. This is our space and if you don’t see yourself reflected here, that’s okay with us. We speak to Black nerds (blerds) and geeks, content producers and bloggers, cultural purveyors and music lovers who happen to coalesce around the intrepid nature of modern life in the United States.

We are here to supply them all with a contemporary soap box or just simply, a water cooler.

Wanna know more about the duo? Read our “About Us” page.

For inquiries, email us at contact [at] watercoolerconvos [dot] com.



One main rule applies here: Don’t make it personal. Feel free to post without concern for repercussion or persecution. In the same vein, ad hominem attacks or personal attacks against a particular Water Cooler Community member will not be tolerated. Some blunt words may be shared about public figures and issues, but no harsh words against fellow WCC members will be allowed.

The secondary rule is as follows: Be respectful and you will be respected. So while disagreement is expected and debate is applauded, aggression is forbidden, plagiarism is illegal in the real world as it is here, and spamming will be immediately blocked. You will be barred from further participation should you choose to break these rules.